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Hi, I'm

Alexander Hansen

Comp-sci bachelors student, and web developer

About me

I'm Alexander, born in 1999 I'm 20 years of age and live in the city of Tromsø, Norway. I was born and raised in this city, but I'm aching to explore the world, and my own country. Ever since I was 12 years old I have been highly interested in all topics related to computer science, and quickly knew to pursue a career within the field. Today I am versed in many programming languages, and have thousands upon thousands of hours of practice under the belt. Specifically related to web development.

When I first learned to program it quickly became apparent to me that web development was the route I wanted to go down It's such a flexible technology, and with such a wide reach, I certainly think it's the future of computing, and therefore have a lot of experience with web development from many perspectives, and would love a job within the field.

I love learning, which makes me a flexible candidate for any new work environment. I also love challenges, and enjoy testing myself. I'm lively, engaged, effective, and tidy, at least for the most part.



Kongsbakken High School

Science and Technology


University of Tromsø (UiT)

Computer Science bachelors


University of Tromsø (UiT)

Master's degree computer Science

Work experience

AS Hugo Ellingsen

In house software developer

2015 - ...

For hugo Ellingsen I work as a form of freelance developer. Developing and maintaining projects, mostly in my spare time they have given me many opportunities to create and maintain applications of different scale and uses, both for web, mobile, and kiosk purposes and have given me a great environment to create and learn beyond just development, but also maintaining applications in production.

The Riddu Festival

Staff leader

Summer 2018, 2019 - ...

After outsanding volunteer work at the festival the year prior (2017) I was offered a position at the festival as a "staff leader" My task with the festival has been to run a kiosk and a café. Before the festival I've helped reform many of the systems in place to help make it a smoother running system of cogs, and have gotten lots of recognition for this. During the festival I've been responsible for training volunteers, providing them with the resources they need to do their jobs, place orders, and all other kinds of coordination related tasks, essentially acting as a manager for two locations at once. My position with Riddu has allowed me to improve my skills handling stress and coordination of large, intricate tasks and has forced me to get used to thinking on my feet. While planning is important, being able to handle all the small changes on the fly without it ruining these plans is a skill on it's own that I'm glad Riddu taught me.


Sales associate

May 2018 - October 2020

With Shell I've been working as a sales associate, focusing on selling food and beverages, as well as some car related products. With Shell I have taken away a lot of experience with proper customer service, how to handle customers who can be difficult, and how to handle stress even better as it is a large part of an often hectic workday with tasks to be done and many customers to be served.


IT - AV support

August 2020 - ...

For UiT I'm working with providing IT support regarding AV equipment on many of their hundreds of AV equipped rooms. Primarily this resides in troubleshooting pebkac's, but also involves live, on site troubleshooting of all kinds of network, video, and computing equipment.


Over the past few years I've gotten to test the water of professional web development. Below you find a small list of projects I am most proud of, and that my customers are most satisfied with. That said, below you find listed pretty much all the other projects I have done.

Simshjelpen's website

Simshjelpen is a form of news/general content website regarding The Sims franchise. The site needed to be able to have dynamic content, pages, wide features in the editors, and wide plugin support. Therefore WordPress was yet again chosen as the go-to CMS. For the site I developed a completely custom theme that helps convey the site's information in a simple, clean manner. Since the site is mostly conveying content through social media and search engine clicks a focus was put on optimizing SEO, and on making the article and page designs nice and sleek, rather than putting a lot of time into the other parts of the site.

Tromsø Tannlegesenter's home site

In 2018 I was tasked with making Tromsø Tannlegesenter a new home website. Through thorough communication with the team I helped them design a new logo, and make a whole new website that they could actually use. Migrating from an old, static HTML site that was hard to update, and with nobody to maintain it, to a new site that is WordPress based, meaning mostly self maintained, and with me aiding them in maintenance on rare occasion. Compared to Hugo Ellingsen's new website they needed a theme that was proven feature rich and that worked, and a premade wordpress theme was therefore chosen. I will have to admit that my design skills have grown since then, finding many flaws with the website today, but I am actively intending to help iron them out over time.

Contact me

I'm always looking for work. If you're interested in me and my skillset , or have any questions regarding any of it then please contact me using the email address below. I'll be glad to answer any of your questions. References are available.